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Infra Red
Infrared Emitters and Modules

Heraeus Noblelight´s system solutions comprise modules and a control panel designed to meet the requirements of the individual process.

Heating only where it is required, with the optimum wavelength for the product to be heated and in harmony with the process.

Quartz glass infrared emitters frequently prove superior to conventional heating sources such as warm air, steam, ceramic, gas or metal emitters, because they transfer large amounts of energy very quickly and can be precisely matched to the product and the manufacturing step - the ideal heating process.

1. Infrared radiation requires neither contact nor intermediate transfer medium

2. Quartz glass infrared emitters are precisely matched to the materials to be heated

3. Fast response times allow controllable heat

4. Heat is applied precisely where and only for so long as it is required

How to make Correct Selection of Heaters
If the temperature of the heating element of a short wave emitter is greatly reduced, medium wave infrared radiation can be emitted. However, the emitter power output then drops so much that economical heating is no longer possible. Consequently, for applications in the medium wave range, only medium wave emitters should be used, as these offer five times the power out put at the same temperature.

Spectral Radiation Curves for different Infrared Emittersnormalied to the power

Plastics such as Polyethylene and Polyvinylchloride and perticluarly good absorbers of Infrared Radiation in the medium wave region

Water evapotaes more quickly with medium wave Infrared emitters as water absorbs radiation perticularly in this region
IR-emitter brochures and operating instructions
Operating Instructions Classic Carbon New Constructions
Short Wave and Fast Medium Wave Emitters Infralight Round Tube High Power Emitters
Medium Wave Emitters Short Wave Twin Tube Spiral Emitters
Carbon Emitters Medium Wave Hybrid Emitter for Process Fluids
  Fast Medium Wave    
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