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Ionpure, USA

As Millipore Corporation's  process water division, Ionpure was the first company to commercialize continuous electro-deionization technology for the industrial water market.

In the years that followed, Ionpure’s  ownership changed hands several times. Now, as a part of Siemens, Ionpure continues its dedication to marketing, sales, research and development and manufacturing of its CEDI modules and accessories to OEM customers worldwide. System integrators are able to source state-of-the-art CEDI components from a supplier committed to providing the highest quality products, world-class service and the latest technological upgrades.

Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.A., the Ionpure team has over 200 years of cumulative experience, including with all types of CEDI technology configurations from thin cell and thick cell, to mixed bed, layered bed and separate bed.  With over 75 patents, no other company has more experience in the development, testing, design and application of CEDI technology modules, operation and troubleshooting.  

Ionpure’s first generation H-Series, Compact and P-Series CEDI modules were installed in the 1000’s all around the world.  Industries worldwide replaced conventional mixed bed ion exchanger with CEDI technology.  Then in 2001, Ionpure developed the next major advancement with the LX CEDI module.

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