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Tacmina Co. Ltd. , Japan
For almost 50 years, TACMINA has specialized in manufacturing diaphragm metering pumps, and water treatment, disinfection, and process equipment systems.
Our diaphragm metering pumps, besides their corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility, can accurately transfer liquids in the customers' desired form without any leakage to the atmosphere. We are sure that, with their potential, our diaphragm metering pumps can address a wide range of user needs in a broad spectrum of fields as an ideal method of transferring liquids.
In the future, TACMINA will continue to further improve diaphragm metering pumps and diaphragm-applied technologies.

Our company name "TACMINA" is made up of two important parts - TACMI and NA. TACMI expresses "the spirit of creativity" in Japanese and NA takes the first two letters of "nature." This word "TACMINA" is filled with our desire to be of service to everybody through original outstanding technology and a strong product line-up in harmony with nature. 
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