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Nakao Filter Media, Japan
October 1934 The Company is founded as the country's only supplier of woven filter cloth to the dye industry and chemical and mining industries. This follows the successful development of a dye production process for producing acid-resistant woolen filter cloth with 10 times the durability of cotton filter cloth.
October 1947 The company is registered as NO. 99 of the woolen goods category in the textile materials industry designated by the Ministy of Commerece and industry.
March 1949 For the first time in Japan, synthetic fiber cloth is imported Viniyon and Viniyon N from U.S.A., promoting the growth of the industry.
March 1950 The company begins the first domestic production and sale of Viniyon synthetic fiber filter cloth in cooperation with Shin-Nippon Chisso Hiryo K.K. and Toyo Fibrics.
January 1950 The compnay begins the manufacture and sale of filter cloth made whis nylon from Toray Industry.
January 1951 The compnay begins manufacture and marketing filter cloth made with Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Kureharon)
March 1954 The company, a private enterprise, is incorporated as Nakao Yoshionori.
June 1954 The Filter Cloth Reserch Industry is sdtablished in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto.
April 1955 The company begins manufacturing and making filter cloth made from Kanegafuchi Chemical 's Kanekaron.
January 1956 The company begins manufacturing and making filter cloth made from Teijin's Teviron.
March 1958 The company begins manufacturing and making filter cloth made from Tetron, a product of Teijin and Toray Industrys, after domestic production of Tetron is begun.
March 1960 The company developed filter cloth of Tevilon for the brewing and distilling industry and begins nationwide sales to answer the demand of national sake breweries.
October 1960 The company renamed Nakao Filter Media Corporation.
Feburuary 1962 The company begins manufacturing and making filter cloth made from Payren, a fiber made from raw yarn supplied by Toray Industrys, Mitsubishi Rayon, Toyobo, and Shin-Nippon Cisso Hiryo K.K.
August 1964 Asahi Fiber Glass designates the Company as its sales agent for glass fiber filter cloth.
September 1966 Capitalization is increased to 50 millons yen.
March 1967 Nakao's artificial blood vessels win First Prize and the Prize of the Minister of International Trade and Industry at the Japan Plastics Competition.(In responce to requests from the Medical Department of Nagoya Univercity and varios other sources, researceh and development efforts were launched in 1960 for domestic production of artificial blood vassels.)
September 1971 Okayama Nakao Filter Media Corporation is established and new nonwoven fablic facility is completed.
July 1976 Following installation of new eqipment at the Okayama Nakao Filter Media Corporation, the old facilitis of Nakao Research and Development Institute and dissolved.
September 1982 The company is awarded a Letter of Appreciation and Silver Cup from the Japan Artificial Internal Organ Society for its contoribution to the development of artificial vessels.
May 1995 UME high-performance filter cloth is patented.
January 1999 Morishige Nakao takes office as president following the death of President Yoshinori Nakao.
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