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Heraeus Noblelight, GmbH

Heraeus Noblelight, a company within the global precious metals and technology group Heraeus, designs and manufactures lamps and systems to make UV light and infrared heat productive for manufacturing, science and beauty. The versatility of our technologies convinces customers in industries like automotive, analytical instrumentation, tanning, laser technology, water treatment and printing, just to name a few. What makes Heraeus Noblelight different is the commitment to our customers' applications. Experienced engineers work closely with customers to give them a product with superior performance for their specific needs. They are not only lamp experts, but also understand the parameters and objectives of the applications. An accredited test laboratory and R&D and application centers around the world provide unmatched technical support.

The Heraeus group gives us in-house access to fundamental technologies like quartz glass and precious metals for our lamps. Based on this knowledge, Heraeus Noblelight is able to engineer products that give customers tangible benefits in performance and efficiency. Some examples:

  • CIR Carbon infrared heaters with very fast response times
  • FiberLight, the smallest UV/vis lamp in the world
  • GoldSpot long-life amalgam lamps for water treatment
  • Original Hanau tanning lamps with guaranteed UV output over the entire lifetime

Heraeus Noblelight was founded in 1992 to combine the UV and IR activities of the Heraeus group. The tradition of these products goes back to 1904 when Heraeus invented the UV lamp and to the 1950s when the company pioneered infrared technology. Today, Heraeus Noblelight has more than 600 employees and own subsidiaries in many major markets around the world.

As a company in a privately held group, Heraeus Noblelight continuously invests in the expansion of its global production and distribution structure for further growth. Customer benefit is the most important factor driving innovations. A high share of innovative products and the continuous development of new applications are proof of this strategy.  
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